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Moggaro presents the pontoon boats, built to measure. Catamaran boats, with cylindrical multihull or V

Moggaro offers a series of pontoons in standard sizes, and also offers customized pontoons built to measure, in larger lengths. The Pontoon with electric motor is also one of the options.

  • Technical Specifications Moggaro Pontoons :
    • Length from 4.9 m in advance
    • Beam: 2,70 m in advance
    • Engine: Outboard from 30 HP in advance. Petrol or Electric.
    • Passengers Homologation:
      • CE homologation for 12 pax
    • Design Category: D, protected bays, inland water.
    • Fuel tank: 1 x 25 Litros or more
    • Speed: from 8 Knots in advance
    • Equipment and options:
      • Diferent options customized for the client: karaoke pontoon, party pontoon, disco bar pontoon, bbq pontoon, barbecue pontoon, familiy pontoon, party pontoon, dive pontoon...
      • Removable furniture for different possibilities..

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The pontoon / pontoon type boats, with cylindrical aluminum hulls or catamaran type V hulls, are platforms of great stability that allow a wide variety of dimensions and uses, which makes it a tourist attraction of great confort.

The modular construction of the structure facilitates long-distance transport in a container, minimizing the impact of transport costs. Following an elaborate and detailed assembly manual, and thanks to the modular construction, prior to transport, the structure can easily be disassembled to fit all the pieces inside the container.

The subsequent assembly at the destination can be done quickly by the buyer himself, in a maximum of 2-3 days following the assembly manual, or by Moggaro staff who would travel to the final destination.

By having removable elements on deck, the final design of the pontoon could accommodate several distributions with different designs, simply by modifying the distribution of furniture, just as it can be done on a terrace or a living room.

The final finish on the roof admits a wide variety of designs and styles that can be adapted to the preferences of the final customer, with a construction system simple and economical.

The pontoon concept offers a wide range of possibilities for hotels and resorts and for all those companies that are focused on nautical tourism. The simplicity of driving the pontoon, the safety and comfort for the passenger thanks to the stability, make the pontoon a safe, profitable and low maintenance product.

Comments about Pontoons


    The new Pontoon concept is within reach of all sea lovers

  • Is unsinkable
  • Modular construction so can be transported in a standar container
  • Different options and sizes customized to the client.
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Easy and simple to modify the distribution
  • Easy maintenance