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MOGGARO 900 TENDER, a work boat high performance

Moggaro has recently finished the construction of a new work boat, a robust boat, with a high performance. Available with sterndrive diesel engines, and ourboards, this boat has been designed to be used as an auxliary tender of a big boat. Another different uses are available too, like diving. See more pictures here

MOGGARO 1000 PARASAIL, first parasailing boat built in aluminium

Moggaro Aluminium Yachts has successfully reached the construction of the boat M1000 PARASAILING.It is a very robust hull and constructed conscientiously to endure a hard and continuous work. The navigation features are excellent, but especially the marine design of the hull. More information and pictures

MOGGARO 1800, tourist passengers boat Class B (20 miles) 

Moggaro Aluminium Yachts has successfully reached the construction of the boat M1800, 19 m lenght. The boat has been classified like Class B accord to the UE Normative, that means the permission to sail to 20 miles from the coast line, for a total of 76 passengers + 3 crew. Is at this moment the unique passenger boat that has the permission to sail to 20 miles with passengers. It is powered with 2 x VOLVO IPS 800 (625 HP each). Maximum speed 35 knots with 40 passengers, but limited to 20 Kt considering the spanish regulations. This boat was delivered in July in Alcudia (Mallorca Island).. More information and pictures

MOGGARO 1500, tourist passenger boat 

Moggaro Aluminium Yachts has succesfully reached the construction of the boat for touristic rides M1500, 15 m length. The boat has been classified in Class H for a total of 50 pax+3 crew. The engines are IPS 2x VOLVO 450 (330HP). The first boat is working in Alcudia from July 2015. More information and photos

MOGGARO 1250-3L, speed vessel interceptor

Moggaro Aluminium Yachts has finished with success the construction of 2 speed vessels in length 12.5 m. The design was conceived by Moggaro was based to reach a boat with high capacity for living aboard with high comfort, and with high speed performance. This boat has reached top speed of 48.5 Kt and 46 Kt with full load. Más información y fotos

MOGGARO CATA 1100, catamaran for hydrographic works.

Moggaro reaches the construction of 2 catamarans 12 m length to Venezuela. Is the first design type catamaran built by Moggaro, and will be destinated for hydrographic works. More information and photos





New Video

Moggaro tests the Moggaro 1000 Parasailing with very good results, see video



New Jet Boat M580WJ

Moggaro tested the jet boat M580WJ designed for rivers, lakes and protected bays, with an amazing result, perfect sliding while sailing and a perfect spin 360º. See video



Moggaro ASIA

Moggaro starts a new relationship with the company IBMT Korea, to begin with the construction of the Moggaro Boatrs in South Korea.

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    Solas Rescue Boat

  • Moggaro has got the classification with certificate Eu-MED of a Solas Fast Rescue Boat, the model Moggaro 650 Jet

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