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Moggaro Aluminium Yachts emerges as Spanish entrepreneurshipin 2003, with the idea of becoming a pioneer in Spain as the first shipyard in the design and construction of naval aluminum boats for recreational and professional use.

Moggaro was founded in 2003, and from that date until 2018, we have designed more than 36 different models of boats in lengths from 3 to 26 meters, building a total of 300 boats to date. WE built customized aluminium boats.

The Moggaro boat design present a high variety, highlighting the jet boats, dive boats, tourist transport (passage), work boats, bathymetry, tuna helper (speedboats), fire boat, fishing, cleaning, pontoons, speed boats, catamarans....

Moggaro has the experience and staff to design and build different aluminium boats customized to our clients.

Moggaro has delivered boats in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Croatia, Norway, Hungary, the Azores Islands, Madeira, Africa, Colombia, México, China, Thailand, South Korea, Bahamas, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Egipt, Algeria, Morocco, Venezuela, Cuba... In 2016 Moggaro started a franchise in South Korea (Moggaro-Asia) where there is a company that is building the Moggaro aluminium boats under Moggaro supervision. Since 2016 Moggaro Asia has built 9 jet boats and sold 13 jet boats only in South Korea.

Moggaro Aluminium Yachts, is based in the province of Segovia, 80 km from Madrid. And a seecond shipyard in Barres (Asturias).


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Solas Rescue Boat

  • Moggaro has got the classification of a Solas Fast Rescue Boat, the model Moggaro 650 Jet

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