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New Video

Moggaro tests the Moggaro 1000 Parasailing with very good results, see video



New Jet Boat M580WJ

Moggaro tested the jet boat M580WJ designed for rivers, lakes and protected bays, with an amazing result, perfect sliding while sailing and a perfect spin 360º. See video



Moggaro ASIA

Moggaro starts a new relationship with the company IBMT Korea, to begin with the construction of the Moggaro Boatrs in South Korea.



  • Dealer in Venezuela

    Pombo&Colantoni SLL
    Phone: +58 4241857238  +58 4242554177

    Solas Rescue Boat

  • Moggaro has got the classification with certificate Eu-MED of a Solas Fast Rescue Boat, the model Moggaro 650 Jet

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